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Bubble Hash Rosin


100% solvent-less concentrate, without the use of chemicals, solvents, cuts, or flavor additives. We use strain specific buds that are fresh, washed in a food grade stainless steel vessel, and freeze dry into bubble hash before packing into bags for pressing into rosin


Northern LitesNorthern Lites #5 a Steve Murphy Afghan leaning expression. Smells of Fuel and earthy/smoky citrus. For the old heads this will bring back some fond memories!

CBD - 2.67% 

CBG - 2.4%

THCV  - 0.5%

THCA - 75.8%

TAC - 89.238%

**Please Note due to her effects Hash Rosin is only For experienced cannabis users- User discretion is advised **

***for higher resolution copies of COA's please visit the "Lab Results" page.

***Third party tested for Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and Mycotoxins

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jordan C
It works

Effects are good, smell is OK, taste is OK with a little rosin taste on the back.. but this is by far the dirtiest rosin I’ve dabbed in a while.

It's OK.

Quite a nice consistency and smell, effects are great. What knocked off a few stars, this has to be some of the dirtiest hash rosin, I've had in recent memory. Oh well, can't win em all. Good first attempt Top Cola.

Out of this world

This stuff is out of this world, knock your socks off good. The flavor and consistency is on par with the best of the best.

Gene Lehman
Something Special those Northern Lites

Took this head back! Oh, that smell! A real treat.

Northern Lites bubble hash

TCC’s NL bubble hash is very smooth, potent, tasty and smells amazing. This stuff is special and I’ll definitely be back for more. Also looking forward to seeing what other strains they squish… (Please do your amazing Cantaloupe)

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