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Sour Melon (Indoor)


Sativa leaning Hybrid T1

TAC 16.73%
THCA 15.5%
CBG 0.67%

Excellent day time strain. Tastes like Sour Cantaloupe mixed with fuel.

Primary Aromas are Herbal, Cinnamon, Clove, Pine, and Hops.

This is our in-house Cross of Cantaloupe X Strawberry Double Diesel pollen provided by Blue Mountain Farm Seeds (CHC6). She has a very sour nose mixed with hints of skunk and fuel. A peppy and energetic strain. 

This pheno resembles the Strawberry double diesel with fat spongy nugs.

**Please Note due to her effects Sour Melon is only For experienced cannabis users- User discretion is advised **

***for higher resolution copies of COA's please visit the "Lab Results" page.

*** not guaranteed to be seedless

***Third party tested for Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and Mycotoxins

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sour Melon

Decided to take advantage of the 20% off sale and grab some Sour Melon. There was a fat nug in my quarter. This flower smells different than all the other releases they recently put out. I smell and taste mainly Terpinolene and some citrus. This flower tested at 15%thca but still has nice daytime effects, that didn’t fade too quick. I would consider this again. Definitely some nice flower for the price. Thank you Ray!

Too fresh

You get a hint of Terpinolene or Pinene (lemon pinesol smell and taste). But it is also a bit hempy smelling/tasting. The nugs were large and moist. Due to the moisture they didn't burn well. Getting better after >1week in a jar. Seems like it has potential but I am not a fan of this batch/pheno.

Shaquille Jacobs

Sour Melon (Indoor)

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