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6 pack of Feminized Seeds (Souvenirs)

Bred by The Terp Lovers



Slur Queen (Slurricane #7 s1 x Dariy Queen)


We reversed a very cheese leaning Dariy Queen female to our choice Slurricane #7 s1.

The results are skunk framed plants with wide branches that form long spears of flowers. Aromas and flavors vary from skunky to Fruity funk. Most expressions will be in-between 8 and 9 weeks in flowering.

Lazer Mac (hells lazerlite x Mac1)


Hells Lazerlite (Hell's OG x Grapelazerlite3) is our grape bomb and our mission was to bring more flavor to the Mac1. The reversed Mac1 pollinated our choice Hell's Lazerlite cut to create a beautiful combination of colors and flavors. Very strong hybrid vigor with bold colored plants with OG bud structure dominating the darker plants and crazy fruit funk expressing out of the more narrow leaf expressions. A large variation in flower time for this cross, some will be ready at 8 while others can go past 9 to 10 weeks.

Orange Slur (Slurricane #7 s1 x Orange Cookies)


We reversed a Orange Cookies female into the Slurricane #7 s1 with the goal of bringing some more stretch to the otherwise bushy Slurricane. The results are a medium sized plants that consistently produce some beautiful frosty flowers that often fade to purple with syrupy gummy bear flavors.

● True Chips ( True OG x Mint Chocolate Chips F2)


Mint Chocolate Chip f2's reversed female selected for a lime gas flavor with a fade free color flowers that finish right around 8 weeks. True Og a unique mouth coating plant with great bag appeal but the cut was quite difficult to keep happy with spindle like growth that would flop after week 4 if not supported. The structure and overall ease of growth has been improved and the general flavor lands in the kush realm with consistently high power and dryer sandy resin. You won't find a expression that goes past 9 weeks and the stretch in flower is minimal.

Grape Mac (Grapelazerlite3 x Mac1)

Grapelazerlite3 a fast flowering grape haze cultivar that was selected for intense grape flavors and long lasting effects. The mission was to find combinations that could bring the Mac1 further away from Cookie like expressions and towards some more unique flavors. The combination creates some very NLD leaning expressions with a smaller segment of the population having short tight structure. A larger variety in flower times will also be found with most wanting 9 to 10 weeks to fully mature but with some outliers finished at 8 weeks. Flavors are well represented with grape and fermented fruits being the majority, some more fuel and sour dough notes to be found in the smaller plants.

Moon Mac (moon z x Mac1)


Moon z (Apollo 13 x Grand Z) kinda a shot in the dark. I know little about the origins of the seeds that made the Moon Z. We selected this plant solely because it had a pineapple funk that I have never experienced before and we were hoping to see it express when combined with the Mac1. Unfortunately, we got a absolute kush bomb. If you like fast growing, high yielding plants with kush flavors then you have found your ticket. Flavors are earth, dank, mint, clove, like a vapor rub in a plant. Very consistent in power and flavor with great hybrid effects. Flower times are consistently 9 to 10 weeks with good yields and great bag appeal.

Z Mac (Zurple Punch bx x Mac1)

Zurple Punch bx selected for rainbow candy cane flavors and vigor. When crossed with the reversed Mac1 the results are a great yielding plant with crazy candy flavors. Flowering times are 8 to 9 weeks with lots of colors during fade.

McMac ( Mint Chocolate Chip f2 x Mac1)

MCC F2 selected for lime gas flavor crossed to the Mac1. Surprisingly alot of varying flavors from this cross that all tend to finish between week 8 and 9 with half faded into colors. Lime, gas, new shoe, rubber lots of strong flavors on medium to high potency flowers.

Banana Queen  (Honey Banana x Cali Queen)

Honey Banana selected for it's vanilla aroma crossed with a reversed Cali Queen. The cross creates some large framed plants with spears of NLD style flowers with rich aromas of honey suckle flowers and vanilla beans. These flowers tend to take longer than 10 weeks to fully mature but are some faster finishing and those expressions will finish before week 9.

Customer Reviews

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Seeds in good condition and packaged pretty discreetly. Only running 4 seeds currently, 2 Lazer MAC and 2 orange slur. All 4 popped after a quick 2 day germ and growing steadily into week 2. No sign of sex as they're still young in veg, but I've got no reason to believe they aren't female at this point. Will update as the grow progresses but things are looking good for now and worth the price.

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